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Transmashholding is the largest Russian company specialized in development and production of rolling stock and component parts. The company integrates 14 leading engineering enterprises.
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TEP70 Passenger Diesel Locomotive

Локомотив вагон тепловоз дизельный рельсы трансмашхолдинг

The TEP70 main-line passenger diesel locomotive has been in production since 1988. Its design solutions ensure high performance and consumer value.







Technical characteristics:

Power of diesel engine, kW (hp)

2942 (4000)

Axial arrangement


Service mass, t


Tangent traction force in continuous regime, kN (tf):

167 (17)

Design speed, km/h


Braking force of electric brakes along traction motor axles, kW


Wheel diameter on taping line, mm


Minimum negotiable radius of curves, mm


Nominal power designated for power supply, kW

600 (TEP70BS)

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